JOHN CARR COLLECTION [Two-Disc Numbered 50 edition]


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Jack is a young wanderer with a turbulent past who arrives at La Paloma, the cinema of his Aunt Ruth, the closest relative he has since the death of his mother, in the hope of a bed for a few nights. But in the city there is a serial killer who dances tango with his victims before strangling them and police start to suspect that Jack is in some way involved with the murders.
His aunt and Julie, a girl who got a job in the cinema thanks to him, also begin to doubt his innocence…

Director: John Carr
Writer: Philip Yordan
Stars: Kevin Lloyd, Christine Burke, Karen Black


Harry Billings accidentally kills his wife by accident in a car wreck. He is taken to a mysterious psychiatric hospital where is placed under hypnosis by Dr. Fargo and Dr. Brewer who sell human beings and body parts to overseas buyers. The staff use a hypnotized Harry to lure various people to the hospital only to be brutally murdered.
But in the hospital Harry falls in love with Marilyn, a beautiful and sweet patient who claims to be Marilyn Monroe and with whom he plans to escape…

Director: John Carr
Writer: Philip Yordan
Stars: John Phillip Law, Francine York, Sharon Ratcliff

Limited 50 Numbered TWO DISC Scanavo Box
English language
French, Italian subtitles

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