HYDE’S SECRET NIGHTMARE [2-DISC 150 Limited Mediabook edition]


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Henry Chagall is a disgruntled scientist who suffers from impotence. His unfortunate situation leads him, and crippled assistant Hans, to explore unusual methods, including experimentation on fresh corpses. Henry finally succeeds in reanimating a deceased man’s reproductive organs by injecting a volatile fluid. Although it will take a decade to safely use on living subjects, Chagall decides to test the serum on himself.

Totally uncut for the first time ever.

Director: Domiziano Cristopharo
Writer: Andrea Cavaletto
Stars: Claudio Zanelli, Roberta Gemma, Andrea Autullo

150 Limited Mediabook 2 DVD + 44page booklet
Slipcovers are limited to pre-order customers

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English, French

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