While the major studios have slowed the pace of disc releases to a trickle, preferring to focus on digital distribution, independent labels are stepping up and filling the physical media void that fans of film demand.

TetroVideo possess international distribution and sales capabilities and specialise in non-commercial feature films. Our mission is to support independent film, filmmakers and creativity and to do this as well as distribution we are also involved in the financing of new projects.

We see ourselves as curators of independent film that seeks to push boundaries, ask questions and entertain. Our releases are characterised by brand new artwork which hark back to the films origin, new extras produced specifically for the release and where possible a new transfer or creating a better master. More than just a film release these are pieces of history!

A TetroVideo release is a rare collectable release which you will be proud to own and through purchasing you will be helping to support the independent creative arts and artists who make sacrifices in order to make their visions real and to bring them to the audience.

We hope that you will join us on our journey. One in which we hope to give life and shine a light on many rare, interesting and sadly often overlooked creations of the international independent scene.

via Egidio Lanoce 119
73024 Maglie – ITALY